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Crystal Wedding (15th Wedding Anniversary) Poem

The holding of celebrations on the anniversaries of different epochs of Married Life has become a very pleasant feature of modern times from our research it appears these were popularised in the Victorian era.  These celebrations appear to be larger and more lavish than nowadays.

The earlier celebrations for wedding anniversaries bring out lots of happy jollity and kindheartedness. While those pertaining to longer marriages, when the crumbling milestones remind all of the years that have passed on the travel to the “Sweet By and By” are often made the occasion of a deal of sobered pleasure and deep thankfulness, as reminiscences of many merciful “Providences” offset the inevitable mischances that have beset even the happiest journey through life.

We found a poem for the Crystal-Wedding Celebration (Fifteenth Anniversary) from an American book published in 1878

How fast thro’ Time’s glass
Do the swift hours pass!
Fifteen years have now gone down the stream,
Since our host gave this dame
His heart and his name,
In the days when they dreamed Young Love’s Dream.

If ’twas to go over,
He’d still prove a lover,
And worship again, as when in his youth
He pledged his firm troth;
While she, nothing loth.
Gave her heart and her pledge in all truth.

The Hebrews when wed
On crushed crystal tread,
Which gives cause for sad fears and dejection;
But our friends, more true.
Hold a crystal to view
Showing no flaw or speck in reflection.

When Fifteen more years,
With their smiles and tears,
Have passed to the region where forgetfulness lies,
May our host and his bride.
Hand in hand, side by side.
Ever thus see Love mirrored in each other’s eyes.

H.L.W. 1878.

The book did not specify who H.L.W was so if anyone can shed some light on whom the poet is please drop us a line.

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