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What do you call the 80th Anniversary?

We’ve been continuing our investigations into what each Wedding Anniversary is called and why, we’ve noticed that Wikipedia have an entry stating that the 80th Anniversary is the Oak Anniversary.

Now we’ve got to say this just seems to be wrong! You’ve been married 80 years, you’ve celebrated your Silver, Golden, Ruby and Diamond Anniversaries and the next Anniversary you’ve to look forward to is Oak, sorry I don’t agree.

We’ve been looking into the references that they mention and it is basically one website (OK it’s the Royal Website) but it is just one site that mentions Oak and when it does it is almost a throw away comment so again Wikipedia has very shaky references.

We emailed the editor of the Royal Web site to see if they could provide further evidence of how and why they believe the Anniversary should be called the Oak Anniversary. They’ve not come back to us yet and that was over a month ago so I suspect we will not get a response until they read a post like this!

So should being married for 80 years be associated with Oak, personally I don’t think so, if anything such a celebration should be given a symbol that has more gravitas.

Our personal favourite is Palladium

Why is this our favourite, well its quite easy really; Palladium is one of the newest precious metals known, given that we now live longer and people are more likely to live long enough to celebrate their 80th Anniversary  then these are effectively new events and hence the two match each other well on this fact. Palladium is also relatively rare such as 80th Anniversaries are and hence again they naturally match each other.

Who knows as we all live longer there may be a call to give the 90th Anniversary a name perhaps by then we could use Unobtainium as the symbol!

What do you think, should we use Palladium as the symbol for the 80th Anniversary? Leave a comment to join in the conversation.