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Silver Wedding – Top UK Holiday Destinations

Planning to take a break in the UK for your Silver Wedding, then read on for some suggestions of some great locations to go all with a link to Silver in some manner. Be it where it was mined, worked or presented.

With a rich history of Silver mining in the UK and given the value silver receives there are many great locations you can choose all with a strong connection to this enduring metal.

Top Silver related Coastal resorts in the UK

Top Silver Cities

Visit one of the Assay cities, these have the offices where Silver is tested for it’s purity and if found to be good enough has the assay hallmark added to the item. A few of these offer tours of their facilities whilst the historical offices either have dedicated a museum or section within the main city museum.

Current Assay Offices are:

  • Birmingham
  • Edinburgh
  • London
  • Sheffield
  • Dublin

Historically a number of other offices have existed there were:

  • Chester (closed 1961)
  • Newcastle (closed 1884)
  • Exeter (closed 1883)
  • York (closed 1857)
  • Glasgow (closed 1964)
  • Norwich (closed 1702)

Silver in Scotland

  • Silver Glenn, Alva, Clackmannanshire, Scotland
  • Silversands Bay, Fife
  • Silver Sands of Morar, Walkhighlands

Silver Cruises (Leaving and returning from UK) who else!

Silver Experiences

Many of the top gift experience companies now offer Silver experience packages which offers a range of things to do. If you’re looking for a gift for a speed freak then remember Silverstone is probably the most ideal track.

We’re going to add some more Silver Wedding holiday ideas here as we discover them some please bookmark the page and check back occasionally or subscribe to our feed.

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