What’s A Perfect Gift For The 3rd Wedding Anniversary?

A 3rd wedding anniversary is an important event in your married life. You would have been through many changes and complexities in your relationship in the first 3 years leading up to your 3rd wedding anniversary. Celebrating this event is a symbol of your commitment to each other. The bond that has survived all the ups and downs is indeed a valuable one and deserves appreciation.

Picking the right present for the 3rd wedding anniversary will hardly be simple. There are so many possibilities and ways to surprise your better half with a gift that you’d better read some tips for making this event extra-special for your spouse as well as yourself.

A 3rd wedding anniversary is a special event for any husband and wife. You need to celebrate this day by finding something very special and suitable. I am going to share some of my experiences that will help you to find a perfect gift.

What Is The 3rd Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gift?

Leather Bracelet example of leather traditional gift for 3rd anniversary

The traditional gift for the 3rd anniversary is leather. You see, leather is sturdy and lasts long. Leather is durable and very flexible just like your marriage thus this also being called the Leather Anniversary. It is difficult to tear apart a leather product unless it’s exposed to too much heat or moisture. Leather anniversary gifts are very vital in this case because they have a high chance of bringing your partner closer to you and vice versa.

Many believe that the third anniversary is exactly when a couple’s connection starts to mature. And for that reason, leather is used to commemorate the 3rd year of marriage!

There are plenty of third anniversary gifts to choose from. For wives, there are plenty of leather purses and handbags to choose from, but also consider leather-bound jewellery boxes. For husbands, leather desk sets, belts, cufflink cases, picture frames, and other household items made of leather. Nowadays you can even get leather jewellery.

What Is The Third Wedding Anniversary Modern Gift?

The modern gift for the 3rd anniversary is Crystal/Glass. Did you know that the word crystal derives from the Ancient Greek word krustallos meaning Ice. Crystal and glass are both traditional materials that represent growth and a lasting relationship.

You have so many choices with glass crystal such as vases, champagne flutes, wine glasses, beautiful crystal photo frames, and candlesticks.

Unique Gifts for the 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Personalised gifts will make unique gifts to give to your husband, wife, or to a couple.

You could buy crystal flutes, wine glasses or their favourite tipple glasses scribed with either their names and the date of the wedding or initials. To make this an even better gift you could also buy personalised champagne, prosecco, wine, or their favourite tipple to go with the glasses.

How about personalised leather jewellery, leather money clip, or even leather luggage tags or passport covers.

We also sell charts and candles and personalised photo frames which make unique gifts.

Gifts for couples for the 3rd Wedding Anniversary

The flower associated with the leather wedding anniversary is a fuchsia and this would make a great gift for a couple to plant in their garden. If they nurture it and look after it well (just like their marriage) it will come back year after year.

If the couple have a great sense of humour, then you could buy them one of our humorous mug sets, we also have a pair of stemless wine glasses with Mr Right/Mrs Always right on them.

Another great gift is a photo frame with a picture of the couple sharing a fond memory.

What is the 3rd wedding anniversary in the UK called?

Wishing you a Happy Leather Anniversary Greeting Card

The third wedding anniversary is called the leather anniversary. This is because the traditional gift theme for this anniversary is leather. Leather is a strong and durable material, which symbolises the strength of the couple’s relationship.

Anniversary gifts made from leather are also traditional, such as a leather belt or wallet. However, modern couples may prefer to give each other a more personalised gift that reflects their shared interests and experiences. For example, a couple who love to travel might choose to give each other a leather-bound journal or scrapbook. Whatever gift you choose, celebrating your third wedding anniversary is a special way to show your spouse how much you love and appreciate them.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts

We’ve lots to chose from and have split our 3rd anniversary gifts below into the traditional and modern gifts as well as the appropriate gemstone below. As well as themed gift ideas we also have personalised 3rd wedding anniversary gifts that commemorate the 3rd wedding anniversary year rather than the theme.

Leather anniversary gifts

Glass Crystal anniversary gifts

Rock Crystal anniversary gifts

The gemstone associated with the 3rd anniversary is Rock Crystal. Rock Crystal is the purest variety of quartz and is completely transparent. It is colourless and as clear as glass. This beautiful gemstone symbolises spiritual purity and perfection. It is also considered to be lucky and to give energy and healing to whomever wears it.

Again, there are many choices of jewellery with rock crystal to give to your wives such as necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, and earrings. For the husband’s tie, pins and cufflinks make a good gemstone gift or maybe a keyring.

A Gift Experience

A gift experience is lovely gift whether it is from the husband, wife or is given to the couple as a gift to share. It gives them a fond memory to share of an experience they did together and will be forever cherished and remembered, making this an ideal gift.

One experience even has a glass theme, it is a fused glass art class with afternoon tea for two. There are many to choose from such as a romantic getaway, meals for two with a stay in a hotel, afternoon tea with champagne or for the more adventurous of you a hot air balloon ride. Plus, many more, have a look at our great selection.

How To Celebrate Your 3rd Wedding Anniversary

You may be celebrating your 3rd wedding anniversary today, and I bet you are searching for ways to mark this wonderful day. Have you asked yourself: “What can I do to celebrate our anniversary in style?” Or “How should we celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary this year?”

Every anniversary is a big event and needs celebrating, but it depends on the couple on how they would like to remember the day. For Example:

  • You could go on a trip together to places where you share fond memories and maybe pack a picnic for your day out.
  • Go out for a romantic meal or afternoon tea.
  • Have family and friends’ round for a barbeque or go out for a meal with close family.
  • Maybe just a getaway for a romantic weekend or a holiday just for you two.
  • You could even order a takeaway, just stay in and relax and watch a movie.

To Conclude

We hope that the tips we provided on this article will help you in picking the best gift for your anniversary. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to giving an anniversary gift, and that’s why having a clear idea beforehand could help you eliminate some choices and narrow down your options. Make sure you purchase something that has a special meaning to your better half. Most importantly remember to enjoy your celebration of this lovely occasion. Happy Anniversary!

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