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Planning for your 1st Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Planning for your 1st Wedding Anniversary

Being fantastically organised you are of course planning for your 1st wedding anniversary celebration before your actual wedding. If however you are a mere mortal like the rest of us there are somethings you can do to make this celebration special.

Why I hear you ask, well as if you’ve not got enough on your plate at the wedding there are some great things you can do during the lead up to the wedding day and straight after to help make the 1st wedding anniversary (and future) anniversaries more memorable. Even if you’re not planning this in the run up to your 1st anniversary it’s probably not too late to help in the future.

Remembering simple things, jot them down either on paper, in a blog or in your wedding planner will really help. Believe me after a year which will be an extremely busy one, likely to be full of change. Acclimatisation to becoming one half of a ‘couple’ there will be some details that you wished you had remembered.

As a basic list, below of some of the things people forget, use it as an aide memoire. When planning for your 1st wedding anniversary celebration this list could be used for many reasons. Examples include to get a gift that links to both the wedding and the anniversary or to invite everyone to a anniversary party.

1st Anniversary Planning Things to remember

  • First Song Danced to as a married couple.
  • Last song Danced to at the Wedding Celebration.
  • The Menu for the Wedding Breakfast meal.
  • The Band or DJs Name.
  • The Official’s name (or their formal title.)
  • Keep a list of all your Guests, including last minute changes.
  • Also what gifts you got from whom.

Writing this years on from our wedding I can say the item I struggle with is the full guest list. I would also not have a clue as to the gifts we got let along from whom.